Wearing tails to a wedding – also known as a morning suit – might not be the first dress code on your radar.  You might be under the impression that tails are old-fashioned or traditional. Although it would be correct to assume that tails are a traditional wedding garment, it’s not true that they are old-fashioned as many younger people still utilise this elegant suit style on their wedding day.

What is a morning suit for a wedding?

A morning suit is traditional daytime wedding wear. The alternative name “tails” comes from how the suit jacket splits at the bottom to create a distinctive swallowtail. A morning suit should feature pin-striped trousers (plain is accepted too), a waistcoat, and a jacket with tails and peak lapels. The tails of the jacket should sit at the back of the knees as this is the perfect length. Any longer and the ensemble will not look as it should. This is especially important if you are the groom and you’re wearing tails to your wedding as you will spend the first half of the big day with your back to your guests.

It’s important to note that a morning suit gets its name from the time of day you are supposed to wear one – any time before 6pm. If your wedding starts after 6pm, traditionally, a morning suit should not be worn.

For more information on morning suits, please take a look at our article “What is a morning suit and when should you wear one?”. 

A traditional morning suit wedding

If you love traditional weddings or have been invited to one, choosing tails as your wedding suit could be the perfect option. It’s a timeless garment that’s sure to catch people’s eye, especially when worn correctly. 

If there are no colour restrictions, you should choose the traditional grey. However, you can now also opt for black and navy, so your options aren’t limited to one colour. Pair this with striped trousers and polished oxford shoes, preferably in black. If you want to fully complete the traditional look, have a neatly folded pocket square that matches the colour scheme of the wedding, and you can even opt to wear a top hat. Wearing a top hat will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, as it is a rarity in modern-day weddings. 

A modern morning suit wedding

Wearing tails doesn’t have to be exclusive to the more traditional weddings. You can “modernise” the outfit too. The typical colour for a morning suit used to be grey, but now you can choose modern colours such as navy blue and black. You can also switch out the striped trousers for plain ones – as long as they match the colour of the suit of course!

If a lack of personalisation is holding you back from choosing tails for your wedding, although there are only three standard colours for the suit, you can add your own personality and style to the ensemble through the waistcoat, pocket square, and your choice of tie. Remember, it’s your wedding day – you should be able to wear what you want!

“Modernising” a morning suit doesn’t need to mean you alter how the outfit looks or add a pop of colour through your tie. It can be something as simple as the groom being the only one in tails during a modern-day wedding. A morning suit doesn’t need to be exclusive to weddings on the more traditional side. They are a stunning and elegant garment that, when worn correctly, can make all the difference to how you feel and look on your wedding day.

Should you wear a morning suit or a lounge suit for a wedding?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You should base your decision not only on how you look in a suit but how you feel in it too. If you are the groom, this is your special day. It’s a rare occasion where you can dress up and be the centre of attention. Your suit should reflect this and be able to mirror the importance of the day. Plus, once the celebrations are over you’ll have time to look back on any photographs and videos taken. You don’t want a poorly fitting suit to ruin this moment.

However, if your event starts in the evening after 6pm, you should opt for a lounge suit over a morning suit. Tails are only supposed to be worn to events that start in the morning or afternoon.

Do people still wear tails to a wedding?

The simple answer is yes! Tails has been and, most likely, always will be a shop-stopping choice for a wedding. It’s perfect for traditional events but also makes a statement in modern-day weddings too. However, if you’re still unsure about what suit would match you and your wedding the best, visit our expert tailors at Phillip Alexander. We’ve been dressing gentlemen since 1876 and know exactly how to make you feel amazing in any suit – especially tails!

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