Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire


Our made to measure options bridges the gap between bespoke and ready to wear, providing a ‘semi’ bespoke solution. The process mixes hand craft and machine work to create a garment on a tighter time and budget. Although this is a streamlined process every care is taken to retain the fit and quality.

Precise measurements are taken, carefully noting your shape as well as his size, from which the cloth is cut.

The same vast range of fabrics are available as for the bespoke, with a few exceptions. And there are endless options for cut, finishes, style and an array of details, which allow you to create a unique personalised suit.

The process of a semi-bespoke made to measure suit involves less fittings than a bespoke (only one fitting is required) and can be created within one to two months. The result is an individual and impeccably fitting suit that youll love to wear.

The time it takes to make these garments are substantially less than the bespoke, which is reflected in the price.


🕒 LEAD TIME: 2 Months from Initial Appointment to Delivery

💳 PRICES: Start from £1,478.00 VAT

“When I’m working my emphasis is on creating something of beauty. Beauty that is meaningful and 
relevant to the way a man dresses. I look at the ratio of shoulders to hips and shoulders to waist, 
these details are crucial. Making something entirely from scratch that works with your body,
one of a kind, cut by hand, sown by hand, from a blank canvas.

That is when you can really put something truly special together.”

Alexander Homoky, Tailor, Phillip Alexander

Savile Row Made to Measure Suits 

Phillip Alexander have vast experience offering a range of tailoring services for men. Whether you are looking for tailor made suits, formal wear or a bespoke wedding suits (also for hire) for that very special day, we can help. 

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