If you’re looking to buy a new dress shirt, you might notice that there are now a range of different fits available. These include regular-fit, slim-fit, and tailored-fit shirts. 

Knowing how to choose the right fit for your body type is essential to looking your best. In this blog, the expert tailors from Phillip Alexander will cover everything you need to know about the different fits of dress shirts so you can make the right choice. 


What is a regular-fit shirt?

This is the most traditional dress shirt fit. It has a generous fit through the arms, chest and waist, with standard armholes and fuller sleeves than other fits. A regular-fit shirt is designed to be looser on the body, offering a more comfortable fit and relaxed look. 

This shirt will likely look too baggy and unflattering if you have a slender body type. Similarly, if you have a muscular build, a regular-fit shirt is not the best choice to show off your physique. However, it should be the preferred choice if you prefer comfort over fashion or plan to wear your shirt with a jacket. 


What is a slim-fit shirt?

A slim-fit shirt is designed to fit closer to your body, with more tapering around the waist and midsection. This more tapered fit is also usually shorter, so it looks neater when tucked in.

If you’re of a slim or slender build, a slim-fit shirt might be the right choice. However, because there’s very little room in the upper body, this type of shirt will likely feel too tight and restrictive if you have a more muscular build. 


What is a tailored-fit shirt?

A tailored-fit shirt sits in between a regular and slim fit. This shirt gently tapers at the waist to create a flattering appearance. The tapering is gentler than a slim-fit shirt, making it more suitable for different body shapes. It also fits slightly differently around the chest and arms, although this difference is barely noticeable.

If you’re of average or athletic build, a tailored-fit shirt will likely be the best choice. These shirts look good when worn on their own or paired with a suit jacket. They’re an excellent blend of style and comfort. 

Tailored-fit shirts are meant to be as similar as possible to high-quality shirts crafted by a professional tailor (hence the name). However, these shirts are not custom-made but rather mass-produced. It’s impossible to get a perfect fit with an off-the-rack dress shirt, regardless of the type of fit. The only way to ensure that your dress shirt will fit your body shape perfectly is to purchase a tailored shirt from a reputable tailor. 


Luxury tailored shirts by Phillip Alexander. 

A well-fitting dress shirt is something that every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s impossible to get a good fit by purchasing a regular, slim or tailored-fit shirt from the high street. Only a bespoke tailored shirt will guarantee the perfect fit. 

At Phillip Alexander, we’ve been dressing gentlemen for over 140 years. You can rely on our decades of tailoring expertise to craft you a beautiful and perfectly fitting dress shirt and a tailored suit (if you require one). 

We have locations in Cheshire and Savile Row in London and offer various tailoring services, including bespoke shirts, bespoke suits, semi-bespoke ‘made to measure’ suits, and tailored suit hire


Bespoke tailored shirts

Our master tailors handcraft all our bespoke tailored shirts, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best. We take comprehensive measurements to ensure a precise fit, and every shirt is tailored to your exact size and shape. You can choose your shirt fabric, cut, and finishing details, so your bespoke shirt will be entirely unique for you. 

If you need any styling advice or guidance with designing your bespoke shit, our world-class tailors will be on hand throughout the entire process. The tailors at Phillip Alexander are experts in formal wear etiquette and will be happy to help.

For the complete bespoke experience, pair your bespoke shirt with one of our stunning bespoke tailored suits. 

To learn more about our range of services or to book your initial consultation, get in touch with us today.