A morning suit is an elegant, traditional outfit commonly worn at weddings and other formal events. However, if you’re considering wearing a morning suit to a wedding ceremony, it’s essential you follow the correct etiquette to avoid looking out of place.  

We’ve put together this guide to answer any questions about morning wedding dress code and when a morning suit should be worn. 


What is morning dress for a wedding?

Morning dress is one of the most traditional wedding outfits a groom or guest can wear. Although they used to be seen as overly stiff and traditional, morning suits have risen in popularity in recent years and have been worn by the likes of David Beckham and Kit Harington!

So, what is a morning suit for a wedding? It consists of a formal jacket with a peak lapel, a waistcoat, and trousers. The morning suit jacket is usually called a morning coat or ‘tails’. It’s curved at the front and slopes away into the characteristic tails at the back (hence the name ‘tails’). These ‘tails’ should fall perfectly and hang just below knee length.


What is morning suit dress code at a wedding?

If you’ve been invited to a wedding that specifies morning dress code, you must ensure you’re dressed to look the part.

You should wear your morning suit with a plain white dress shirt with French cuffs and a tie or cravat. Don’t choose an overly bold colour for your tie; simple colours like grey or light blue work well. 

Morning suits can be worn with or without a waistcoat. Traditional three-piece morning suits are worn with a slim-fitting, double-breasted waistcoat. However, you can also opt for a single-breasted waistcoat instead. 

In terms of trousers, striped trousers are considered traditional but not mandatory. If you’ve decided against striped trousers, wear trousers in the same or similar colour to your suit for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Traditional morning suits were usually black or grey, but navy is now also becoming a popular choice. A matching top hat is a traditional accessory that completes the look, but you are not obligated to wear one. You should pair your morning suit with highly polished patent leather shoes, preferably in black, with matching black socks.


When should you wear a morning suit?

If you’ve been invited to a wedding and are thinking about wearing a morning suit, it’s essential that you check the dress code first. If it specifies that you should wear morning dress, then you should follow the dress code. If it specifies formalwear, it might be appropriate to wear one depending on the time of day.

Morning suits are formal day wear, meaning you should never wear one in the evening or to formal evening events. So, you should only wear a morning suit to a formal wedding if it starts in the morning or afternoon. 


White tie vs morning suit at a wedding: what’s the difference?

White tie refers to formal evening wear worn to balls, the opera, formal dinners, and evening weddings. It typically consists of a dress coat, white bow tie and waistcoat, starched white shirt, black socks and black shoes. White is the more formal version of the more common black tie.

The key difference between white tie and morning dress is that white tie is only worn to formal evening events (which start after 6 pm) while morning dress is only worn to formal daytime events (which start before 6 pm). 


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