A common misconception in tailoring is that bespoke tailoring and a made-to-measure service are one and the same. The confusion is even more apparent when a tailor offers both services. Here are some of the main similarities and differences between the two; The important distinction from a budget point of view is bespoke tailoring will cost significantly more than made-to-measure. This doesn’t mean however that the end product will be any better in terms of quality.  Bespoke tailoring will also take longer due to the extra processed involved, which is why people often choose made-to-measure when time is short.   What you pay for with bespoke tailoring is as the name suggests a more personalised service which includes more detailed measurements to make the fit even more precise. Details such as patterns on clothing will be referenced for future visits and the end product will be finished by hand. With made-to-measure, you still get a wide choice of cloth, patterns and the same high-quality elements that go towards creating something special you can wear with confidence for years to come.   If you are interested in seeing how fine tailoring can transform your wardrobe, give us a call or come and visit us.