A common misconception in tailoring is that bespoke tailoring and a made-to-measure services are the same thing. The confusion is even more apparent when a tailor offers both. Luckily, we are here to clear the confusion! Keep reading to discover just exactly how the two services differ from one another.

Differences between made-to-measure and bespoke suits

The important distinction from a budget point of view is that bespoke tailoring will cost significantly more than made-to-measure. This is because handcrafting a completely bespoke suit involves a greater number of measurements, and you can customise every last aspect of the garments that complete the ensemble – down to every last detail. Whereas, a made-to-measure suit is ready to wear sooner if you require a suit in a shorter time. Rest assured though, this does not mean you will see any less quality in a made-to-measure suit. All suits made at Phillip Alexander are always crafted to the highest standard.

People often opt for made-to-measure when time is of the essence. But, if you want a truly bespoke custom suit then our full bespoke tailoring service is the choice for you.

What you pay for with bespoke tailoring is, as the name suggests, a more personalised service which includes more detailed measurements to make the fit even more precise. Details such as patterns on clothing will be referenced for future visits and the end product will be finished by hand with expert hand stitching.

A bespoke suit offers you a greater choice of fabric selections and you can fine tune those smaller details to make sure the suit truly shows your personal style and flair. Bespoke tailoring allows you to decide on elements that matter such as the base pattern of the suit jacket inlay or the waistcoat, the pocket style of your garments, the style of cuffs, and the collar finish.

Whether you choose made-to-measure or bespoke, our master tailors will ensure your tailoring experience is one to remember. You will receive world class service and advice from your first measurement through to the final fitting.

If you are interested in seeing how fine tailoring can transform your wardrobe, give us a call or come and visit us.