What should the best man wear?

The wedding day is all about the special couple. A bride might spend hours preparing to look stunning and elegant in her wedding dress, and many grooms purchase luxury tailored suits for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the other members of the wedding party shouldn’t pay careful attention to how they dress. The best man plays one of the most important roles during the wedding ceremony – his duties usually include looking after the wedding rings and giving a thoughtful yet humorous speech. So, it’s essential that he looks the part. 

In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how the best man should dress during the big day. 

Does the best man have to match the groom?

First things first, many people wonder whether the best man and groom wear the same suit. Put simply, while the best man’s outfit should compliment the groom, they shouldn’t match exactly. 

Often, the groom, best man, and groomsmen will choose their suits together to ensure continuity. This is the best way to ensure a cohesive wedding party that looks absolutely impeccable on the special day. 

What suit should the best man wear?

The best man’s choice of suit will be led by the groom and the dress code of the wedding. For example, if it’s a formal wedding and the groom decides to wear morning dress, the best man might be expected to follow suit. 

It’s best to coordinate with the groom and groomsmen to ensure you’re dressed in a way that matches the wedding vision. There are occasions when the groom might want to wear a different style or colour of suit than the rest of the guests to help him stand out. For example, if the wedding is black tie, the groom might plan on wearing a white dinner jacket (tuxedo) while the rest of the wedding party wears black. Or the groom and best man might wear midnight blue suits, while the rest of the groomsmen wear matching grey suits. Coordination is key. 

The best man might be dressed identically to the other groomsmen to ensure a cohesive look, or he might include extra adorning details to signify his important role in the wedding. Here are a couple of suggestions from the expert tailors at Phillip Alexander on styling a cohesive wedding party:

  • Some grooms might dress themselves and their best man in suit jackets while the rest of the groomsmen wear only waistcoats. This is ideal for more casual weddings.
  • The groom might wear a different shade or a complementary colour than the groomsmen. The best man might wear a waistcoat the same colour as the groom to set himself apart from the rest of the wedding party. 
  • Similarly, if the groom is wearing a different colour of tie, cravat, or bow tie (or style), the best man might wear the same colour as the groom but otherwise dress identically to the other groomsmen. Different coloured pocket squares can also be used.
  • The groom and best man might wear matching double-breasted suits, while the rest of the groomsmen wear single-breasted suits. This is a subtle way to show the difference between members of the wedding party.

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