If you’re considering buying a tailored suit but aren’t sure if it’s a good investment or even what one is, you’re in the right place. If you’ve previously bought off-the-rack suits from the High Street, you might be shocked by the higher price of many quality tailored suits. 

This blog will explain exactly what a tailored suit is, how they’re made, and why a well-made tailored suit deserves every penny of its high price tag. 


What does a tailored suit mean?

A tailored suit is a suit that has been tailored to fit a specific person’s measurements. This ensures a much more precise fit than if you bought a suit off the High Street. Purchasing a tailored suit also means that you can personalise your suit according to your personal taste – you can choose the suit’s style, colour, fabric and fit. 

There are two options when it comes to purchasing a custom-tailored suit: made-to-measure and bespoke. 

A bespoke suit is a traditional process that involves several fittings and measurements. This results in a suit that fits your body perfectly. A quality Savile Row tailor can take several months to craft a well-made bespoke garment, and it can cost several thousands of pounds. 

A made-to-measure suit is a more cost-effective option than a bespoke suit. This process involves less fitting and measurements, so it takes less time. A made-to-measure suit is created with a mixture of handcraft and machine work to produce a quality suit at a more affordable price.  


What does getting a suit tailored mean?

Getting a suit tailored refers to the process of purchasing a tailored suit. This process involves an initial consultation with a master tailor, where your initial measurements are taken. This initial consultation is also where you share your vision for your suit. You’ll be able to choose from a large range of fabric samples and select your desired styles, fit and details. 

A bespoke suit will involve several more fitting sessions to ensure an impeccable fit. The master tailor will assemble a paper pattern based on your measurements, and then hand cut and stitch together a ‘baste’ garment. This creates the foundation of your bespoke suit. If changes are required after the next fitting, the ‘baste’ suit is taken apart, altered and restitched together. 

A made-to-measure suit only involves one initial fitting. After your fitting, a team of experienced tailors and craftspeople contrast your tailor using machine work and hand-crafted elements.


Are tailored suits worth it?

It will likely be a significant investment whether you choose a bespoke or made-to-measure tailored suit. The price of a bespoke suit reflects the time, skill and high-quality materials that have gone into producing such a garment. Purchasing a high-quality, tailored suit is an unparalleled experience every man should experience at least once. 

If you’re attending a formal event, such as a wedding, a tailored suit is guaranteed to fit you perfectly, look fantastic, and capture your unique personal style. The beauty of a formal suit is that it will last years, so you wear your stunning tailored suit for years to come. 

Have a look at our blog, ‘Top 7 benefits of a tailored suit’, for more reasons why a tailored suit is a perfect investment. 


How Phillip Alexander can help

If you’re looking for a high-quality, tailored suit crafted by expert tailors, then we can help. Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors are experts at dressing gentlemen. Established in 1876, we’ve been crafting stunning bespoke suits, jackets and shirts for over a hundred years. Based in Savile Row in London and Cheshire, we specialise in creating unique, perfectly fitting men’s suits.

We offer various tailoring services, including bespoke suits, semi-bespoke ‘made to measure’ suits, and tailored suit hire

Bespoke suits 

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime tailoring experience and a genuinely unique tailored suit, then our bespoke suit service is for you. Our master tailor handcrafts all our bespoke suits. 

We also create bespoke tailored wedding suits if you would like to stand out on your special day. 

Made to measure suits 

Our made to measure suits are ideal if you want a well-made, well-fitting tailored suit but don’t have the budget for a bespoke suit. We combine handcraft and machine work to create a high-quality, tailored suit in under two months. 

Our made to measure wedding suits are the perfect option if you need a suit quickly for an upcoming wedding. 

Luxury tailored suit hire

We also offer luxury tailored suit hire. This is the perfect solution if you’ve been invited to a formal event and want to wear a beautiful, tailored suit but aren’t ready to invest in one of your own. All our hire suits involve several fittings to ensure they fit impeccably at your event. 

If you want to know more about our range of services or are still trying to decide if a tailored suit is right for you, contact us today to request an appointment.