If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘lounge suit’, you wouldn’t be the first. However, you probably already know what one is or even own one without realising it. 

We’ve put together this guide with everything you need to know about what lounge suits and how to wear them. This guide will cover:

  • What is a lounge suit?
  • What is a lounge suit dress code?
  • Lounge suit vs businesses suit: what’s the difference


What is a lounge suit?

First things first, what exactly is a lounge suit? 

A lounge suit is just a traditional suit that you might wear to an event or the office. It’s a less formal version of a morning suit, and this suit is worn to formal events where black tie is not required. You can choose a two-piece or three-piece suit, but it’s typically accompanied by a shirt and tie.

First originating in the 19th century, lounge suits were born as an alternative to business suits which were considered everyday wear. Men’s lounge suits would have been worn at the weekend as more casual clothing. Traditionally a lounge suit jacket has a shorter cut than the more formal business suit. The lounge suit trousers were also more tapered to make the suit look more casual and relaxed. 


What is a lounge suit dress code?

The first time you see the phrase ‘lounge suit dress code’ might be on invitation to an important event, such as a wedding. If you see this, there’s no reason to panic – it’s one of the simplest dress codes.

You can wear any smart suit, provided it isn’t a morning suit, evening tails or a tuxedo. There are many options –  two-piece or three-piece, single-breasted or double-breasted. In terms of materials and colour, you can choose from traditional colours like black, grey and navy, opt for a pattern like tweed or pinstripe, or go for a bolder, more contemporary colour. For example, you might wear a light grey or pale blue lounge to a summer wedding or a heavier, dark grey wool suit to a winter wedding. A burgundy or forest green suit would suit a more relaxed or casual social event. 

Lounge suit dress code doesn’t require a white shirt like more formal dress codes. So, you’re free to choose a complimentary shirt that pairs with the chosen colour of your lounge suit. The tie is also optional, and whether you wear one will depend on the event’s formality.  You can also wear a lounge suit with a pocket square and other accessories to complete the look.


Lounge suit vs business suit 

You might have also heard the term business suit and be confused about what the difference is between a lounge suit and a business suit. The short answer is not a lot. 

Traditionally a lounge suit would have had a shorter cut than a business suit to reflect its more casual and relaxed usage. However, nowadays, this isn’t really the case. In modern tailoring, all jackets tend to be cut a little shorter than they were in the past. This means there’s no longer any real difference between the cut of a business suit and a lounge suit.

However, typically business suits will be in smart or plain colours, such as black, grey, or navy blue. They might have subtle pinstripe or herringbone patterns. This is because they’re primarily used in business settings. Lounge suits for men come in a greater variety of colours and patterns, including much lighter and more intense colours.


How Phillip Alexander can help

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