If you’re considering investing in a stunning bespoke suit, you might have heard of the phrase ‘baste’ suit or basted fitting. 

When you buy a bespoke tailored suit, the tailor will create a unique paper pattern according to your precise measurements and requested design. This paper pattern is used to construct your perfectly fitting bespoke suit. At your first fitting, you’ll likely try on a partially stitched-together suit, known as the ‘baste’ garment. 

In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about what the phrase ‘suit basted’ means, including:

  • Why is it called a basted suit?
  • What is a basted fitting?
  • Why are basted fittings important?


Why is it called a basted suit?

After the fabric pattern is carefully cut out by hand and assembled, it is hand-stitched together with loose white ‘baste’ threads. These threads give the ‘baste’ its name, and this is the jacket and waistcoat you will try on during your first bespoke suit fitting. 

The ‘baste’ won’t have the pockets, buttons or details your final bespoke suit will have, but it will allow the master tailor to assess the fit and make any necessary adjustments to your custom suit pattern.


What is a basted fitting?

A suit jacket basted fitting is when you’ll try on your new bespoke suit for the first time. Your ‘baste’ garment will be held together with loose stitching, with the canvas inner linings and shoulder trimmings. Although it might not look that impressive, it will still feel like a unique suit that’s been crafted to your exact shape. 

This fitting allows you to reflect on the feel of your bespoke suit and suggest any changes. If it feels a little tight and you’d like a more relaxed fit, the tailor will take this on board and make the necessary adjustments for your final suit. 

It’s also an opportunity for your bespoke tailor to check the fit and drape of the jacket. They’ll note any adjustments, which might involve pinning the cloth or making marks with chalk. This guarantees your final suit will fit you perfectly.


Why are basted fittings important?

A basted fitting is a unique experience you only get when purchasing a quality bespoke suit. It’s a sign that a master tailor will handcraft the suit you’re buying. 

Basted fittings allow the tailor to make tiny changes, tweaks and adjustments to perfect the fit and drape of the final suit. This reduces the number of changes that will need to be made once the final suit has been assembled and gives you an opportunity to make any style changes that you desire. 


How Phillip Alexander can help

Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors are experts at dressing gentlemen – we have been crafting stunning tailored suits since 1876. With locations in Cheshire and Savile Row, we specialise in luxury bespoke suits for all occasions, including one-of-a-kind, tailored wedding suits

Bespoke tailored suits 

Having a bespoke suit tailored for you and attending your basted suit fitting is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s something that every man should experience at least once. 

Our bespoke suits are handcrafted by our master tailor using decades of experience and expertise. You can guarantee that your final bespoke suit will be of unparalleled quality and will fit you seamlessly! 

If you’re looking for a more time and budget-friendly option, we also offer made-to-measure suits, which are made using a mixture of handcraft and machine work. 

If you are interested in investing in a high-end bespoke suit, then get in contact with us today to request an appointment. We will happily discuss the basted suit fitting process and the options available.