A navy suit is a popular modern-day option for many events and weddings. However, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “What colour shoes should I wear with my navy blue suit?”. We’ve created this guide to answer all of your styling questions.

What are the best shoe colours to pair with a navy suit?

The colour of your footwear should be a key detail that you never overlook. The chosen footwear ties the whole outfit together, so if you choose badly, your ensemble could run the risk of being ruined. It can be harder to discover the best colour shoe for a navy suit than a black suit, but here are some of the best options:

Navy suit and brown shoes

A navy blue suit paired with brown shoes is a popular and timeless option. The two blend harmoniously together as they are complementary colours. As brown is an earth colour, it will not distract from the richness of the navy blue but will, in fact, enhance it, creating unity in the outfit. 

However, there are many shades of brown shoes to choose from. The colour you choose can make or break your outfit. For example, although a lighter brown shoe, such as tan, would be preferred for the summer months or a daytime event, the shade might not pair well with a dark navy suit. Tan shoes can pair better with a royal blue suit or softer shades of blue. For this reason, we suggest a deep brown shade for your shoe choice if you are set on wearing a navy suit.

Navy suit and black shoes

Black shoes with a navy suit are a more contemporary approach but can create a visually striking outfit. The high contrast between the striking black shoes and the navy suit makes this style of outfit ideal for more formal events such as cocktail parties or weddings. 

This shoe colour is also perfect for people who want an easy choice. With black, you don’t need to decide on the different shades or tones.

Here at Phillip Alexander, black shoes with a navy suit are certainly our top choice of footwear!

Navy suit with burgundy shoes

Burgundy is another complementary colour that pairs well with navy blue. However, burgundy shoes aren’t always considered when wearing a navy suit. Burgundy shoes are a versatile colour that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the event you are attending. They can add a pop of colour and vibrancy to your outfit, allowing you to show off your personality and style. 

Like brown shoes, burgundy is an earthy colour that eloquently matches the deep tones of a navy blue suit. However, due to these warm earthy tones, burgundy shoes lend themselves better to autumn and winter events and could look too dark for summer events or weddings. 

We always suggest that you add burgundy accessories, such as a belt or tie, to make the outfit cohesive.

Navy suit with ivory or white shoes

For a visually stylish and sophisticated look, white or ivory shoes with a navy suit are a perfect combination. The striking differences between the two colours also create a bright and clean appearance that is ideal for semi-formal and formal events. However, this shoe choice is more suited to the warmer months and outdoor events like beach weddings or garden parties. 

What colour dress shoes should you wear with a navy suit?

Brown, black, burgundy, white, and ivory dress shoes can all look stunning with a navy suit. The question should really be what type of dress shoes you should wear with a navy suit. There are several dress shoes to choose from, each with a different look and aesthetic. 


You can spot Oxfords by their closed-lace system and low heel, typically finished off with a rounded or pointed toe. In the suit tailoring world, Oxfords are a quintessential dress shoe.

They are suitable for any event—formal or casual—and will look elegant and stylish wherever you go. At Phillip Alexander, they are always our first choice of footwear!


Brogues are similar to Oxfords in the sense that they have a closed-lace system with a low heel, but they have a distinctive decorative feature – a patterned edge and seam. They also feature a pointed toe rather than a rounded one with a wing-tipped design. 

If you’re a fan of Oxfords but find them too “plain”, then Brogues could be perfect for you! They add a little bit extra to your outfit and are a subtle way to show off your sense of style and personality.


Derby shoes are a more casual version of Oxfords. The feature that sets the two styles of shoes apart is that Derbys have an open-laced system. This creates a more relaxed look and can be the ideal pick for an informal event. However, this style can still be worn to formal events if Oxfords aren’t your style or are out of your budget.

Monk straps

Monk straps are a stylish alternative to traditional lace-up dress shoes. You can spot monk strap dress shoes by the buckle they use in replacement of laces. They come in many colours and are ideal for all sorts of events. 

Patent leather shoes

If you’re wearing a navy suit to a formal event, polished patent leather shoes can elegantly complete your outfit. The high-gloss leather creates a striking aesthetic, making them a very popular choice for footwear.

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