Wedding Suit Hire In Manchester

Wedding Suit Hire In Manchester

Hire a suit for the big day

If you desire to wear a luxury suit on your wedding day, but do not wish to budget for a completely bespoke wedding suit, we have the option of wedding suit hire from our store in Wilmslow.

Men’s Wedding Suit Hire In Manchester

There is a wide selection of suits to choose from so you will be able to find just the one that matches your personal style, and accompanying suits for your groomsmen entourage.

Although you are hiring instead of buying, you can still expect the best quality of garments and a top level of service. Phillip Alexander offers gentlemen tailored wedding suit hire, meaning our master tailors will readjust the suit to best fit your needs and body shape.

From the initial consultation right through to the final checks, our tailors will help you get the image you have dreamed of for your wedding photographs.

Demand for hire is high so we advise contacting us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Black Tie Tuxedo Formal Wear Bespoke Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire

Own The Moment On Your Wedding Day

Groom wedding suit hire is one of our specialities.

We understand that you have invested so much money and effort into your wedding, so it only makes sense that your suit is up to par.

We will ensure that the suit you pick out fits nicely for the special occasion, so you truly can be the leading man of the show. Our master tailors will make adjustments to the suit you hire to ensure it compliments your size and shape.

The groom sets the tone for the style of the groomsmen so allow our specialists to provide their invaluable advice and suggestions to help pick out the suit that is perfect for you.

The Morning Suit

Traditionally, a Morning suit is worn by a gentleman for his wedding.

We are experts in morning suits for weddings and have a wide spectrum of materials and colours to choose from when it comes to waistcoats, trousers and ties. You can customise your outfit when hiring garments for your wedding.

Feel free to arrange a consultation and we can show you some options at our store in Wilmslow.

Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire

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