With so many styles and types of groom suits, choosing the perfect suit for your wedding can quickly feel overwhelming. From morning suits to tuxedos, the options seem to be endless. Choosing the right suit style is essential to create the right look and feel at your wedding. Choose wrong, and you risk looking out of place. During your special day, you want to look your absolute best – everyone’s eyes will be on you during the ceremony, and this is a rare occasion to show off your sense of style.

We’ve compiled this guide on our top three wedding suit styles to help you choose the best suit for your big day. 

What type of suit should a groom wear?

The groom’s wedding suit sets the tone for the entire wedding day. So, when choosing your type of suit, you’ll want to consider your wedding’s dress code, location and time. Wearing a formal tuxedo will likely look out of place if you’re aiming for a casual, rustic daytime wedding.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the main suit types:

Formal suits:

  • Evening tailcoat (white tie for grooms at highly formal evening events)
  • Tuxedo (for formal weddings in the evening )
  • Morning coat (for formal daytime weddings)

Semi-formal suits

  • Lounge suits (a standard suit available as a three or two-piece suit)

Casual suits

  • Linen or cotton suits 

For more in-depth information on wedding suits for grooms, check out our blog, ‘A guide to the different types of wedding suits’.

Below are our three favourite groom suit ideas that you should consider for your wedding. 

1. Black tie 

A black tie groom suit is a classic and elegant choice for your big day. Although traditionally worn to black tie weddings, many modern grooms opt for a tuxedo to set themselves apart from their guests. Your tuxedo should be paired with matching trousers, a black bow tie, a white dress shirt, and patent leather shoes for the full look. 

Black is the most common colour choice for tuxedos (or dinner jackets as they’re called in the UK) and is a timeless option. However, don’t feel restricted to the traditional monochromatic colour scheme – why not try a deep burgundy or navy dinner jacket for a more unusual look? White tuxedos are also a popular choice for summer weddings. 

We’ve got a comprehensive guide on wedding tuxedos if you’re considering one for your wedding. 

2. Morning suit

For the groom, a morning suit is the daytime equivalent of a tuxedo. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years for grooms who want a formal and traditional look. A morning jacket with a peak lapel should be paired with a double-breasted waistcoat, a dress shirt, a cravat or tie, and traditionally a top hat.

It’s best to keep to the classic colours, such as black, grey or navy, for your morning suit, but that doesn’t mean that your suit has to look boring. Morning dress lends itself to different colour combinations. Your suit trousers should traditionally be striped, but feel free to opt for plain ones instead. They can be the same or similar colour to your morning jacket – many grooms style their morning suit with trousers that are a lighter shade than their jacket.

Your choice of waistcoat and tie also offers you a chance to personalise your suit. Again, stick with subtle colours, such as grey, light blue, cream or ivory. Your tie can be a slightly bolder colour, such as blue or red. 

Have a look at our guide on morning suit etiquette for more information. 

3. Classic three-piece suit

A three-piece suit is a classic choice that’s still one of the most popular options for modern weddings. Done right, a three-piece suit looks effortlessly sophisticated. It’s the perfect choice for a groom who loves the look of a traditional wedding suit – a black suit being the most classic choice.

However, through your choice of fabrics and colours, it’s easy to style a three-piece suit in a contemporary way. Why not try mixing up patterns and colours to create a stunning suit that showcases your personal style? Aim for colour combinations which are complimentary, such as beige and burgundy or grey and blue, to ensure a seamless look. If you’re aiming for a more subtle look, match different shades of the same colour to create a unified outfit!

How Phillip Alexander can help

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and it’s essential you dress for the occasion. Whatever style of suit you choose, a tailored suit is the best way to ensure you look stunning on your big day. 

Phillip Alexander is a professional tailor who has been dressing grooms for over a century. We specialise in crafting beautiful bespoke wedding suits and tailored shirts for our clients and are always happy to share our expertise and offer styling advice. 

With locations in Cheshire and Savile Row in London, we should be your first choice for tailored wedding suits. We offer a range of tailoring services, including bespoke suits, made to measure suits, and tailored wedding suit hire

Bespoke wedding suits 

Our bespoke tailoring service is what we’re most well known for and is what we recommend for all grooms who want to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we believe that the tailoring process should reflect that. 

Bespoke tailoring offers an unparalleled service which involves multiple fittings to ensure precise fits and several consultations to ensure your final suit is exactly what you envisioned. Your suit will be handcrafted by our master tailor using the finest fabrics and materials to ensure the finished garment is of the highest possible quality! 

You’ll have full access to our huge range of materials and can fully customise your bespoke groom suit according to your tastes. This guarantees a stunning look on your wedding day that perfectly matches the gravity of the occasion. 

Made to measure wedding suits 

We also offer semi-bespoke made to measure suits. These wedding suits are ready in a shorter time frame (around two months) than our bespoke suits because they involve fewer fittings. We also use a mixture of machine work and handcraft to produce a high-quality, well-fitting suit for a lower price point than our bespoke suits. 

A made to measure wedding suit is the perfect choice for a rapidly upcoming wedding or if you don’t have a budget for a fully bespoke suit. You can still access our range of fabrics and materials (except for a few options) and design your suit around your wedding’s theme and colour scheme. 

Luxury tailored wedding suit hire

If you’d like the quality of a tailored wedding suit but aren’t ready to purchase one, we offer luxury tailored suit hire for weddings and other special occasions. We have a range of colours, styles and fits to choose from, so it’s simple to find the perfect look for your wedding. All our hire suits include several fitting sessions to ensure the best possible fit on your big day!

Book an in-person or telephone consultation to learn more about our tailored suits and get one step closer to your dream wedding suit!