If you’re already familiar with double-breasted suits, you might wonder if double-breasted suits are in style. Although you might think of these suits as old-fashioned, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Double-breasted suits are becoming more and more popular for the modern gentleman! 

A double-breasted suit is a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you want a more structured alternative to the more common single-breasted jacket. This classic suit style helps to accentuate your physique, making you appear taller and your shoulders seem broader. Modern double-breasted jackets come in a range of fabrics and cuts, making it easy to find the perfect suit for you, whether you want a double-breasted suit for everyday wear or a special occasion. 

We’ve put together this ultimate guide with everything you need to know about double-breasted suits and how to wear them. This guide will cover:

  • What is a double-breasted suit?
  • Double-breasted vs. single-breasted suits
  • Why choose a double-breasted suit?
  • When to wear a double-breasted suit
  • How to wear a double-breasted suit


What is a double-breasted suit?

A double-breasted suit has overlapping front lapels and two parallel columns of buttons. Usually, only the first column of buttons is functional, while the second is decorative. The number of buttons can vary, but there are typically 4-6 buttons of which 1 or 2 are functional. The 6×2 button configuration is the most common, meaning there are 6 buttons total and 2 functional ones. 


Double-breasted vs. single-breasted suits

A single-breasted suit has only one column of buttons and there is no overlapping fabric, unlike a double-breasted suit. The front closure is typically in the centre of the jacket and is secured by only one or two buttons.

Contemporary double-breasted jackets are usually longer than single-breasted ones and narrow at the waist. They typically draw eyes towards the top portion of the jacket, while single-breasted jackets tend not to have a particular focus point. Double-breasted suits are often perceived as more formal than their single-breasted counterparts. 


When to wear a double-breasted suit

Unlike other styles of suit, there are no strict rules around when or where you should wear a double-breasted suit. In fact, double-breasted suit jackets are surprisingly versatile. 

You can wear a double-breasted suit wherever you would usually wear a suit, including work, formal events and weddings. However, be aware that double-breasted suits are usually perceived as more formal, so they might look out of place at casual or semi-formal events. 


Why choose a double-breasted suit?

Even if you prefer the look of a single-breasted suit, a double-breasted suit is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. A well-tailored double-breasted suit can make your waist appear narrower and your chest appear broader. So, it’s a great suit style for men whose waist is wider than their shoulders. The wide peak lapels also help to draw eyes upwards creating the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are. 


How to wear a double-breasted suit

If you’re thinking of adding a double-breasted jacket to your suit collection, follow our master tailors’ top tips to ensure you’re dressed to impress!


1. Don’t over-accessorise

A double-breasted jacket is already enough of a statement without adding lots of accessories. Try to keep the rest of your look simple and let your choice of suit jacket speak for itself. Stick to a subtle pocket square or elegant wristwatch.


2. Be mindful of your buttons

The double-breasted suit creates a specific silhouette so you must keep your buttons fastened until you need to sit down. However, you should never button your bottom button as this restricts your movement and ruins the line of the suit.


3. Avoid waistcoats and belts

A double-breasted jacket already has an extra layer of fabric where the jacket overlaps, so a waistcoat is best avoided. A belt can make your suit jacket bunch up and spoil the distinctive silhouette of a double-breasted suit, so they’re best avoided as well.


4. Choose peak lapels

Although some modern double-breasted jackets now have notch lapels, peak lapels are traditional and play an important role in the overall look of the jacket. It’s the wide peak lapels that help to draw eyes upwards creating the illusion of height. 


5. Opt for a tailored suit 

A tailored double-breasted suit will create a much more flattering fit than an off-the-peg suit. An expert tailor will be able to craft a double-breasted jacket that fits you perfectly and helps to define the shape of your body. Whether you want to disguise your midsection or give the impression of more height, a master tailor will be able to create the perfect suit for you. 


Bespoke double-breasted suits by Philip Alexander 

We’ve been dressing gentlemen for over a century. You can rely on the master tailors at Phillip Alexander to craft you a beautiful and sophisticated double-breasted suit. 

We have locations in Cheshire and Savile Row in London and offer a range of tailoring services including bespoke suits, made-to-measure suits, and tailored suit hire. If you’re looking for an expertly tailored double or single-breasted suit, our team can help.


Bespoke suits 

Having a bespoke suit tailored for you is an unparalleled experience. It’s something that every man should experience at least once.  

Our bespoke suits are expertly handcrafted by our master tailors to ensure you get a garment that’s the highest possible quality. You can personalise every element of your suit to ensure that it matches your personal style and you can rest assured that the final result will fit you perfectly!


Made-to-measure suits 

If you’ve been invited to an event and you’re planning on wearing a beautiful double-breasted, our made-to-measure suits are ready in under two months. Our made-to-measure suits are made using a mixture of machine work and handcraft to produce a stunning, well-fitting suit that’s miles above an off-the-peg suit. 


Luxury tailored suit hire

At Phillip Alexander, we understand that not everyone has the budget to invest in a bespoke suit of their own, which is why we created our luxury tailored suit hire service. We have a range of single and double-breasted suits to hire for special occasions and events. Unlike many other suit hire services, ours include several fittings and alterations to your chosen suit to guarantee a suit that fits almost as well as if it were made for you!

To learn more about our tailoring process, book an in-person or telephone consultation to speak to one of our tailors.