Choosing the right colour suit for a wedding, whether you’re the groom or a guest, can be a bit of a challenge. Should you stick with a traditional black suit or go for a bolder, more contemporary colour to help you stand out? 

When choosing the perfect suit for the big day, there are a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure you don’t look out of place. We’ve compiled this guide with our top tips for choosing the right colour suit for a wedding and a breakdown of the most popular suit colours to simplify things.


3 tips for choosing the right suit colour for weddings 


Pay attention to the dress code

If you’re a wedding guest, you should always check the dress code before buying a new suit. Look at the wedding invitation to see if a specific dress code is mentioned. If not, it’s safest to go with semi-formal attire. Wearing a navy, pale blue, or tan suit might be a good option. If the wedding is a more formal affair, keep to the more traditional suit colours, such as black or grey. 

If the wedding specifies black tie, you’ll need to follow some specific rules. Luckily, we’ve written ‘The rules of black tie explained’ to help you out. 

Think about the time of year 

The best colour for men’s suits at weddings will depend on the season. To ensure you choose a suit colour that looks stunning but you also feel comfortable in, you’ll need to pay attention to when the wedding is.

If it’s a summer wedding, you’ll need to think about how warm it will be – a dark, heavy woollen suit might feel uncomfortable. Lighter colours, such as light grey or pale blue, tend to be more popular for summer weddings, but you could also choose a neutral colour, such as off-white or cream. 

Check out our guide, ‘How to choose the perfect summer wedding suit for men’, for more helpful tips. 

For winter weddings, a darker suit might look and feel more appropriate. Light or bright colours tend to look a little out of place during the colder months, so it’s best to stick with traditional suit colours, such as black or dark grey, or even tweed. If you want to stand out, then going for a dark green or burgundy suit could be the right choice. 

Follow the colour scheme 

If you’re the groom or a member of the wedding party, it’s essential that you think about the colour scheme of the wedding and the bride’s wedding dress when picking out a suit and accessories. You might choose to match the colour of your suit or tie with the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, or table decorations to create a cohesive look for your wedding. 

Grey suits tend to pair well with greens, purples and pinks, while navy suits look better with yellows, reds, and blues. If you’re unsure about how to choose a complimentary suit colour, talk to an experienced tailor – they’ll know how to choose the perfect suit for your wedding’s colour scheme. 


8 of the best colours for wedding suits


Black wedding suits 

A black wedding suit is the most traditional wedding attire, but that doesn’t mean it’s a boring choice. It’s the perfect option for men who want to look sleek and sophisticated, and a classic black suit can be dressed up with a coloured necktie, bow tie, or pocket square to complete the outfit. 

Grey wedding suits

Grey is another traditional suit colour. It has become increasingly popular over the last few decades because of how well it pairs with light, pastel colours often seen in wedding flowers or bridesmaid dresses. A grey suit is a perfect choice if you want a timeless and elegant look without the traditionalism of a black suit. 

White wedding suits 

A white wedding suit or tuxedo is becoming popular for many grooms. Choosing a white suit means that you and your bride will be a matching pair on your wedding day. White suits are highly sophisticated, and you pair them with black tuxedo trousers or opt for a dazzling all-white ensemble!

Blue wedding suits

Blue makes a great suit colour if you want to opt for a more colourful suit. A navy blue suit is better for a more formal wedding and pairs beautifully with brown shoes and accessories. However, pale blue is also one of the best light-coloured suits for a wedding. A light blue suit creates the perfect relaxed, summery look for semi-formal summer weddings! 

Burgundy wedding suits

Burgundy suits look ultra-sophisticated and polished; this is truly one of the best coloured suits for wedding guests and grooms alike. From claret to oxblood, there are loads of different shades of burgundy to try, and they all look beautiful on a variety of different skin tones. They’re perfect if you want a bolder, more contemporary coloured suit. 

Green wedding suits

A green suit is a unique colour that’s perfect for grooms or wedding guests who want to stand out. You can choose olive, forest or racing green and accessorise your stunning green suit with complimentary colours, such as mustard or burgundy. 

Tweed wedding suits 

If you’re attending a wedding in a rural or country location, a tweed suit is a great option for the groom, groomsmen or wedding guests. However, quite a traditional suit colour, tweed has been modernised in recent years and is now seen as a distinctive and versatile choice. 


How Phillip Alexander can help

Whether you’re the groom or a guest, a wedding is one of the rare occasions for you to dress your best. A bespoke tailored suit is the best way to ensure that you’ll look sleek and sophisticated on the big day, whatever suit colour you choose. 

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Bespoke suits 

If you want a luxurious and unique garment handmade by a master bespoke tailor, our bespoke suit service is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We use our decades of experience to craft elegant bespoke suits in your choice of colour, fabric and cut.  

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Made to measure suits 

We also offer made to measure suits which are perfect if you need a quality tailored suit on a shorter time frame. Our made to measure suits involve fewer fittings than a bespoke suit so that they can be ready in less than two months. You can still choose from a vast range of fabrics and choose your preferred cut, finish and style – we’ll then craft your ideal wedding suit in your selected colour. 

Our made to measure wedding suits are ideal if you need an elegant suit for an upcoming wedding, and don’t have the time to wait for a bespoke suit. 

Luxury tailored suit hire

There’s no comparison to a quality tailored suit that fits your body seamlessly, but a bespoke or made to measure suit can be a significant investment. If you’re not ready to purchase your own tailored suit, we offer luxury tailored suit hire for weddings and other special occasions. 

You’ll get several fitting sessions to ensure the hired suit fits you perfectly, and you can choose from a wide range of colours and styles. Plus, you’’ll receive invaluable styling advice from our master tailor. 

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