Tailored Wedding Suits


Tailored Wedding Suits

Carefully composed images by talented and creative photographers show immaculately prepared Brides wearing flattering and expensive couture dresses.

By their sides, sometimes slightly uncomfortable looking grooms, dressed in poorly fitted rented morning or ‘designer’ suits; or even their routine work suits.

Whilst the bridal gown, which may indeed only be worn once, is a source of great decision, preparation and expense;similar thought is not always invested in dressing the Groom.

This will be the most important occasion, you the Groom, will ever dress for.

It deserves as much attention as your Bride’s dress.

Many options are available, morning wear, evening wear, lounge suits, modern or a relaxed outfit, whatever you choose will dictate the dress code.

Being measured by a skilled tailor and receiving advice on the correct wedding etiquette is invaluable. enhancing your appearand by having the garment individually fitted by a tailor, is priceless.

This will give you total confidence allowing you to concentrate fully on the occasion.

Every detail you ever wanted from a garment will be tailored in; every details you don’t will be tailored around.

Having selected from a vast range of different fabrices, the suit will be individually hand cut, tailored and expertly fitted to your exact shape and size.

You will not have to apologise for your shape or size; you will look impeccable


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John Homoky, Tailor, Phillip Alexander

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