Affordable Luxury: Individually Tailored Wedding Suit Hire from £398

Wedding suits are the most important garment men will ever wear. Despite this, often the groom and groomsmen’s suits are a last-minute and stressful purchase, resulting in poorly fitted outfits with a compromise on colour and style. At Phillip Alexander, we offer luxury mens weddings suits to hire or purchase.

At Phillip Alexander, we have been creating stunning wedding suits for decades. Whether you’re looking for a morning suit, a modern stylish made to measure groom suit or perhaps some hire garments for the groomsmen, we can help.

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Traditional Wedding Suit Hire


Carefully composed images by talented and creative photographers show immaculately prepared Brides wearing flattering and expensive couture dresses.

By their sides, sometimes slightly uncomfortable looking grooms, dressed in poorly fitted rented morning or ‘designer’ suits; or even their routine work suits.

Whilst the bridal gown, which may indeed only be worn once, is a source of great decision, preparation and expense;similar thought is not always invested in dressing the Groom.

This will be the most important occasion, you the Groom, will ever dress for.

It deserves as much attention as your Bride’s dress.

Many options are available, morning wear, evening wear, lounge suits, modern or a relaxed outfit, whatever you choose will dictate the dress code.

Being measured by a skilled tailor and receiving advice on the correct wedding etiquette is invaluable.  enhancing your appearand by having the garment individually fitted by a tailor, is priceless.

This will give you total confidence allowing you to concentrate fully on the occasion.

Every detail you ever wanted from a garment will be tailored in; every details you don’t will be tailored around.

Having selected from a vast range of different fabrices, the suit will be individually hand cut, tailored and expertly fitted to your exact shape and size.

You will not have to apologise for your shape or size; you will look impeccable

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Our made to measure suits are a great way to create an individual suit to match your preferences and fit. This process bridges the gap between handmade bespoke and ready to wear suits as it is crafted to fit using a mixture of hand and machine processes. A consultation is conducted where detailed measurements (approximately 15 measurements are collected) are taken and cloth and details are explored.

The process of a made to measure suit involves less fittings than a bespoke suit and can be created within two months. The result is a personalised and impeccably fitting wedding suit that you will love to wear.

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Bespoke Tailored Mens Wedding Suits | Wilmslow, Cheshire & Savile Row, London

Choose Phillip Alexander Savile Row Tailors to tailor your bespoke wedding suit for the big day and we’ll take care of every fine detail. Your tailored wedding suit will be made to measure from premium quality fabric and you’ll take home a perfectly tailored garment for your special day. Since 1876, Phillip Alexander have been dressing gentlemen in fine suits for weddings & occasions, four generations of tailoring guarantees:

Always a perfect fit made to measure and styled to suit you | Expert craftsmanship & premium quality fabrics | A fine garnet that will last for years to come with the personal touch of Phillip Alexander tailors

Tailored Luxury Wedding Suits For Men Formal Wear Bespoke Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire Phillip Alexander
Groom and Bride wearing luxury wedding suit and dress in Church


Our luxury wedding suit hire garments are a great alternative for dressing the groom and groomsmen. There is no need for hire garments to look as if they’ve been borrowed and so at Phillip Alexander, we offer a unique tailoring service and experience for the big day.

Having agreed the style of the garment, detailed measurements are taken by a professional tailor, noting your shape as well as your size. The garment is then re-tailored.

A fitting is arranged when the garment is carefully checked and further adjustments may be required and only after that, that the garment is handed over; this is a professional service.

Being guided and measured by a bespoke tailor is invaluable. You can rely on the guidance and the knowledge of etiquette; relax and enjoy the event.

The wedding suit hire process requires two appointments where the hire garments are selected, measurements are taken and then the garments are re-tailored, altered and adjusted to the individual.

“No weddings are the same and we thrive on creating individual and unique garments that fit the style, form and theme of the wedding seamlessly.

John Homoky, Tailor, Phillip Alexander

We listen, we consult and then we create your perfect wedding suit.