Morning Suit Hire In Manchester

Morning Suit Hire In Manchester

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The Morning Suit

A morning suit, also known as morning dress, gets its name from its original purpose. Traditionally, the morning suit was the attire choice of gentleman whilst they conducted business and hosted meetings during the day.  In modern times, morning suits are worn for daytime events such as weddings, a day at the races, memorial services, and daytime affairs in the presence of the monarch. Suit hire demand is high so we advise contacting us as soon as possible to ensure we can pick out the perfect look that matches your desire.
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Morning suit for wedding

Morning Dress Hire

Here at Phillip Alexander we are experienced, world class tailors. Our 150 plus years of tailoring men for formal events and special occasions means that, even when opting to hire, you will receive service that is second to none, a bespoke experience, and the highest quality of luxury morning suit garments. Although hiring is the option for a smaller budget or when you are pressed for time, this should not be an excuse for cutting corners or having a suit that is not unique and up to par. Rest assured, if you hire from Phillip Alexander, you are guaranteed perfection. Nothing can top bespoke tailoring. If you are coming to us to hire a morning suit, you want to look the best you possibly can, and we understand this better than anyone. Our expert tailors will be able to advise you every step of the way. We have a great selection of materials, colours and patterns for you to choose from so you can easily piece together the look you want. Our team will make adjustments to ensure the suit fits nicely for the occasion.

Wedding Morning Suits

Having morning suits for weddings has been considered the epitome of wedding attire choice for gentlemen for over a century. Nothing exemplifies sophistication and style quite like morning tails on your big day. Mens morning dress works perfectly for a wedding. The groom can choose out each garment to complete a look that shows off his personality and cements him as the frontman of the once in a lifetime occasion. Groomsmen tend to typically all have matching morning suits to accompany the groom on his special day. This approach creates an ensemble that is just simply exquisite for the wedding photographs and videos. We advise looking sooner rather than later if you’re thinking of hiring from us as our enquiries for hiring morning dress for weddings are very high.
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