If you’re attending a white or black-tie event, a bow tie is essential to your formal outfit. To look the part, your bow tie should be paired with a classic white dress shirt with a winged collar. 

A bow tie and a wing-collared shirt looks absolutely stunning when worn correctly. However, this is one part of your outfit you need to get right; otherwise, you could look undignified and out of place. 

In this blog, the expert tailors at Phillip Alexander will talk you through the general rules for wearing a bow tie with a wing collar to help you look your very best. We’ll cover:

  • What is a bow tie?
  • What is a wing collar?
  • How to wear a bow tie with a winged collar?
  • When should you wear a bow tie with a wing collar?


What is a bow tie?

A bow tie is the defining element of formal attire, so nothing less than perfection will suffice. A white bow tie should be worn for white-tie events, while a black one should be worn for black-tie events. 

Although pre-tied bow ties are available, these should only be worn as a last resort. They won’t sit as elegantly as a hand-tied bow tie and lack the presence required for a highly formal event. Always opt for a hand-tied bow tie if you want to look your best. 


What is a wing collar?

A wing collar, or wing tip, is found on the most formal of dress shirts. This collar is designed to be worn with a bow tie and typically comes with a Marcella bib front. Unlike the less formal, turned-down collar, the winged collar stands up stiffly with small points that have been pressed to stick outwards.


How to wear a bow tie with a winged collar?

Weaning a wing collar with a bow tie is a winning combination that guarantees you’ll look the part at a white or black-tie event. It should be worn with the buttons fully fastened and the wind tips tucked neatly behind your bow tie. This creates a clean look that communicates you know what you’re doing when it comes to formal style. 


When should you wear a wing collar and a bow tie?

This combination should only be reserved for the most formal occasions, particularly events with a white or black-tie dress code. A wing collar and bow tie should never be worn to the office or for a business meeting; here, a turned-down collar is more appropriate.

Other collar styles can be worn with a bow tie, but the wing collar should be the only option you consider for a highly formal gathering, whether it’s a wedding, award ceremony or ball. 


How Phillip Alexander can help

Although a bow tie and winged collar are essential elements that bring your formal outfit together, they won’t have the desired impact unless paired with a stunning and perfectly fitting tailored suit. 

At Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors, we are experts at dressing gentlemen for formal events. We’ve been creating bespoke suits and shirts since 1876. 

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Bespoke formal suits

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Luxury tailored formal suit hire

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