How should a suit fit?

One of the main benefits of buying a quality tailored suit is that you’re guaranteed a perfect fit, but what does a well-fitting suit look like?

Whether you’re struggling to know if an off-the-peg suit fits properly or you’re not sure if an old suit still fits your body type, the world-class tailors at Phillip Alexander are here to help. 

We’ve written a guide with everything you need to know on whether a suit fits as it should to help you make the right purchase and leave you feeling and looking your best. 


This blog includes:

  • How should a suit jacket fit?
  • How long should a suit jacket be?
  • How should suit trousers fit?


How should a suit jacket fit?

A well-fitting suit jacket can completely transform the way you look. Below, we’ll go over what to look for in a suit jacket to ensure you don’t look out of place. 

Collar fit

Your suit jacket’s collar should rest against your shirt collar and shouldn’t stand off your neck. There shouldn’t be any bunching at the back of the collar, either. 


This is one of the most integral elements of a well-fitting jacket. The shoulder pads should end where your shoulders do. You can check this by leaning against a wall. In a correctly-fitting jacket, your pads and shoulders should hit the wall at the same time.

If the shoulder width is too broad, you’ll end up with shoulder sag, which looks unsightly. If the shoulder width is too narrow, you’ll end up with shoulder divots or dents which look equally unpresentable. Your jacket should feel cleanly off your shoulders, creating the impression that the suit was made just for you. 


You should also check your jacket fits correctly around your chest and torso. The jacket should be fastened without any strain, and the lapels should lie flat on your chest. You should be able to fit your thumb between your jacket button and your shirt without it feeling uncomfortably tight or too loose. Generally, if your jacket is too tight or loose across your chest, this is an indication that it’s the wrong size.

Front closing

The top button of your suit jacket should be around 1-3 fingers above your belly button. If it’s too high, the jacket can feel too tight. It will also shorten the length of your torso, which can lead to you looking off-balance. 

Sleeve length

Your jacket’s sleeves should feel snug but not tight on your arms. Only 1-1.5cm of your shirt sleeve should be visible when your arms are by your side. The sleeve should end just above the large bone in your wrist for the correct fit.


How long should a suit jacket be?

Shorter jackets are trendy nowadays, but you should ensure you don’t take it too far. A jacket that is too short will look ungainly and unflattering. Ideally, the bottom of your jacket should end where your thumb knuckle is. Casual jackets can be slightly shorter according to your personal preference.  


How should suit trousers fit?

Your suit trousers should fit comfortably around your waist. If they fall away from your hip, this might be a sign they’re too large. When standing upright, the hem should lightly graze the top of your shoes, or there should be a slight break between them.


Perfectly-fitting tailored suits by Philip Alexander 

The best way to make sure you purchase a suit that fits seamlessly is to enlist the help of a master tailor. At Phillip Alexander, we specialise in crafting beautiful, perfectly fitting tailored suits for all occasions. 

We’ve been dressing gentlemen for over a century. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke wedding suit for your big day or a made-to-measure dinner suit for formal occasions, we can help. 

With locations in Cheshire and Savile Row in London, Phillip Alexander offers a range of tailoring services, including bespoke suits, made-to-measure suits, and tailored suit hire

Bespoke suits 

Our bespoke tailoring service is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re looking for the perfect suit to help you stand out on your wedding day or a special occasion, this is the right choice for you.

A bespoke suit involves multiple fittings and expert precision to guarantee the best fit. Our master tailors handcraft all our bespoke suits using the finest materials and expert craftsmanship. 

Made-to-measure suits 

If you’re looking for a well-fitting suit in a shorter time frame, we offer made-to-measure suits ready in less than two months. These suits involve fewer fittings and use a mix of machine work and handcraft. However, you’re still guaranteed a suit that fits you perfectly and is tailored to suit your requirements. 

Luxury tailored suit hire

At Phillip Alexander, we understand that not everyone is ready to invest in their own tailored suit, especially if they require one for a special occasion. That’s why we created our luxury tailored suit hire service.

We offer a range of expertly made tailored suits which are available to hire for weddings and other special occasions. Our suit hire service includes several fitting sessions and tailoring, so you can be sure your hire suit will fit perfectly on a special day. This is a much better option than wearing a cheaply-made, ill-fitting off-the-rack suit. 

Book an in-person or telephone consultation to start your journey to a perfectly fitting suit.