The cost will likely be a significant factor if you’re considering hiring a suit for your wedding. We’ve put together this guide explaining what wedding suit hire is and the average cost of hiring one in the UK.

What is wedding suit hire?

This is a great option for grooms, groomsmen, and guests who want to look immaculate in a high-quality wedding suit without purchasing one themselves. Tailored suit hire often includes several fitting sessions with a professional and experienced tailor to ensure the suit fits perfectly. However, more budget suit hire options might not include fittings, so you might not get a well-fitting suit. 

How much is it to hire a wedding suit in the UK?

The cost of hiring a suit for a wedding can vary depending on location, quality and the rental period. It can range from as low as £50 for basic suit hire to upwards of £250 for tailored luxury suits. 

Basic wedding suit hire 

A basic suit rental is the most budget option. This usually includes a jacket, trousers, and shirt, costing around £50 to £80. There might be additional costs for accessories or certain suit styles.

Mid-range wedding suit hire 

You should expect to pay around £80 to £150 for a higher-quality three-piece suit hire. This might also include other accessories within the hire price, such as a necktie or bowtie. 

Luxury wedding suit hire

If you want a high-end or designer wedding suit, you might pay around £120 to £250. A luxury, tailored suit that involves several fittings by an experienced master tailor will be at the higher end of this scale. It could potentially cost over £250 to hire a stunning tailored suit handcrafted by a Savile Row tailor. This level of suit hire will ensure that you look elegant and sophisticated on your wedding day. 


Tailored wedding suit hire by Phillip Alexander 

If you’re looking for high-end suit hire, we can help. Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors are experts at dressing gentlemen. With locations in Savile Row, London and Cheshire, we have years of experience creating bespoke suits and offering a wide range of tailoring and hire services. 

We offer bespoke suits, semi-bespoke ‘made to measure’ suits, and tailored suit hire

Luxury tailored suit hire

If you’re looking for an elegant suit crafted by a master tailor but aren’t ready to purchase one of your own, our luxury tailored suit hire is the perfect solution. Our suit hire includes several fitting sessions, so you’re guaranteed the best possible fit. You’ll also benefit from invaluable advice from our master tailor to help style your luxury suit. 

We also specialise in tailored wedding suit hire. You can choose from a range of wedding suits, morning coats and tailcoats. Our wedding suit hire availability is limited, and several fittings are recommended to ensure the perfect fit for your wedding day. So, we recommend booking as soon as possible to guarantee your dream suit. 

Bespoke suits 

If you’re interested in purchasing a wedding suit to keep as a memento of your big day, we offer bespoke tailored wedding suits. From lounge suits to dinner suits, getting one of our bespoke suits is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They involve several fittings and a series of precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

You can fully customise your bespoke suit according to your tastes and preference. Each of our bespoke wedding suits is expertly hand-crafted by our master tailor! 

Made to measure suits 

We also offer made to measure wedding suits if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option or need a wedding suit made quickly. Our made to measure wedding suits are ready in less than two months because they only involve one fitting. We craft a beautiful high-end wedding suit using a mixture of machine work and handcraft. 

Whether you want a bespoke, made to measure, or luxury hire wedding suit, get in touch with our team to request an appointment.