If you’re considering investing in a bespoke tailored suit, you’re likely wondering how much one should cost. 

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question. The price of a tailored suit depends on a number of factors. This includes the quality and type of fabric, the experience and expertise of the tailor, and the amount of handwork involved. 

When people talk about tailored suits, they are likely referring to made to measure or bespoke suits. Which type of tailored suit you choose will also significantly impact the price.

It’s also possible to tailor an off-the-rack suit. This involves a tailor making simple alterations, such as hemming sleeves, to ensure the suit fits better. How much an alteration cost depends on the turnaround time and the number of suit alterations you request.

This blog will cover how much bespoke and made to measure tailored suits should cost and how long they should take. 


How much is a tailored suit?

The price of a tailored suit will depend on whether it’s made to measure or bespoke. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there are significant differences in price, time, and process. 

Made to measure tailored suits are a stepping stone between off-the-rack and bespoke suits. This semi-bespoke process uses a mix of hand and machine work to create a more budget-friendly option.

Bespoke suits are the gold standard of tailored suits and are more expensive than made to measure suits. They involve numerous fittings, resulting in an individual hand-cut garment crafted by a master tailor. 


How much does a made to measure suit cost?

The cost of a made to measure suit depends on the finishes and fabrics you choose and the tailoring process. Some tailors might include hand-finished elements in their made to measure tailoring process, while others will use machines. The more handwork included, the more expensive a made to measure suit will be.

You should expect to pay over £1000 for a quality made to measure by a good tailor. This high-end garment should last years and fit almost as perfectly as a bespoke suit. 

The price of the garment will also depend on the tailoring shop’s location, experience and expertise. Saville Row in London is home to some of the most high-end tailors in the world. Their prices reflect their decades of experience and invaluable expertise. 


How much does a bespoke tailored suit cost?

The cost of a bespoke tailored suit is typically much higher than a made to measure suit. Bespoke is a more personalised service with more fittings and handwork. Experienced tailors craft luxurious and unique garments that fit perfectly. 

Savile Row prices for wool suits start at around £3000. There is no average price for bespoke suits because they’re fully personalised and customised. The price depends on your choice of cloth and lining. For example, silk lining will be more expensive compared to cheaper synthetic fabric lining. 

Bespoke suits can be an expensive investment. However, their price reflects the 60+ hours of handwork that has gone into crafting this high-end garment. Bespoke suits are typically individually cut by an experienced cutter or tailor and sewn by a master bespoke tailor.

Many men view getting a bespoke suit as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The experience is unparalleled compared to getting a made to measure or off-the-rack suit. 


How long does a suit take to tailor?

The length of the tailoring process also depends on whether you opt for a made to measure or bespoke tailored suit. Typically made to measure suits take less time than bespoke suits because they involve fewer fittings and less handwork.


How long does a made to measure suit take?

Made to measure suits usually only involve one fitting, and many garment elements may be made using machines. The amount of handwork involved in the tailoring process will affect how long it will take.

Typically a made to measure suit will take between six weeks and two months from the initial appointment to delivery. 


How long does a bespoke suit take?

The time a bespoke tailored suit takes depends on the tailor’s expertise, the number of fittings, and the amount of hand work. This is a lengthier and more personalised process than made to measure tailoring.  

On average, a bespoke suit will take between 8 weeks and four months from the first consultation to delivery.


How Phillip Alexander can help

With Savile Row and Cheshire locations, we have been crafting high-end tailored suits since 1876. Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors are experts at dressing gentlemen. From white tuxedos to smoking jackets, we have decades of experience crafting luxury bespoke and made to measure suits.

We use our expertise to craft unique and personalised garments for various special occasions. Phillip Alexander also offers luxury tailored suit hire for those not ready to buy their own suit.  


Bespoke suits 

If you want a unique garment handmade by an experienced master bespoke tailor, our bespoke suit service is perfect for you. Using our decades of experience and expertise, we craft unique and handmade bespoke suits and garments. 

We help guide you through the process to ensure you receive an unparalleled tailoring experience. You can choose from thousands of luxurious fabrics to create a suit that’s uniquely yours. We are also experts in crafting one-of-a-kind bespoke tailored wedding suits

Our prices start from £3,750+ VAT, and the entire bespoke tailoring process takes 3-5 months. 


Made to measure suits 

We also offer made to measure suits if you’re looking for a more time and budget-friendly option. This process only involves one fitting, whereas bespoke tailoring involves several. We use a mixture of handcraft and machine work to create a luxury garment on a tighter time and budget. This bridges the gap between bespoke and off-the-rack suits. 

This semi-bespoke option allows you to choose from our same range of fabrics (minus a few exceptions). You can customise your suit with your preferred cut, finish, and style. We also offer made to measure wedding suits if you’re looking for an elegant suit for your big day.

Our prices for our made to measure suits start from £1,478 +VAT and take a maximum of 2 months. 

If you are interested in investing in a high-end bespoke or made to measure suit, then get in contact with us today to request an appointment. We will happily talk you through our process and the options available.