Buying a wedding suit can be a huge investment, especially if you choose a made-to-measure or bespoke suit. Many grooms and groomsmen worry they won’t get to wear their luxury suits again. If this sounds like you, you might be considering hiring one instead. 

Not sure if you should buy or hire a suit? We can help. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide. 


Pros of buying a wedding suit


Wear it again 

Buying a suit means you get to keep it after your special day and wear it to future formal events. Your suit is also a beautiful memento of your wedding.


Unique and tailored to you

If you buy a bespoke or made-to-measure wedding suit, your suit will be completely unique. You’ll be guaranteed a perfect fit on your wedding day. Plus, you’ll be able to choose the colour and type of suit that perfectly matches the bride’s wedding dress. 


Permanent alterations

If you buy on the high street, you can have your suit altered to fit you better. This ensures you look your best when the big day arrives. 


Loads of choice

You have a huge range to choose from when buying a suit. This includes made-to-measure, bespoke, or off-the-rack suits. 



Cons of buying a wedding suit



This is one of the biggest disadvantages of buying a suit compared to hiring. When buying a suit, you’ll likely be restricted by your budget. You might only be able to afford a high-street suit rather than the bespoke suit of your dreams. 


Lower quality 

You might struggle to find a high-quality suit that you can afford if you have a modest budget.


Pros of hiring a wedding suit



If you’re considering hiring your wedding suit, it’s likely because hiring is significantly cheaper than buying. You can rent a designer wedding suit for a fraction of the price you would pay to buy one. 



Because hired suits are much cheaper, you can opt for a more expensive brand or suit material. This will ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd on your wedding day. 



Most wedding suit hires will include a fitting. This ensures the suit fits you correctly and looks flattering on your body type.  


Guidance and advice 

If you buy a suit from the high street, you won’t get the same advice you’d get if you hire one from a quality tailor. 


Cons of hiring a wedding suit


Stress about damaging the suit 

If you hire an expensive wedding suit, you’ll be liable for any damages that occur while you’re wearing the suit. You might feel anxious and stressed during your wedding rather than enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


No permanent alterations 

Although fittings are included in wedding suit hire, they’ll be unable to make any significant permanent alterations. This can be an issue depending on your body type. 


Time restraints 

All wedding suit hire services will come with a time restraint. This could range from a couple of days to a week. Hiring might be challenging if you need the suit for a longer time. 


How Phillip Alexander can help

Whether you want to hire or buy your dream wedding suit, we can help!

Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors are experts at dressing gentlemen. We have been creating stunning bespoke wedding suits since 1876. Based in Manchester and Cheshire, Phillip Alexander can craft a beautiful high-quality suit cut in your preferred style so you can look your best at your upcoming wedding. 

We offer a wide range of tailoring services, including bespoke suits, semi-bespoke ‘made to measure’ suits, and tailored suit hire

Bespoke suits 

Bespoke tailored wedding suits are our speciality. Getting one of our bespoke suits is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They are perfectly fitted to your measurements and take into account your preferences. This results in a unique and sophisticated hand-cut garment expertly crafted by our master tailor! 

Made to measure suits 

We also offer made to measure wedding suits if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option. These semi-bespoke suits involve fewer fittings and are ready to wear in around 2 months. We create a quality and impeccably fitting suit using a mixture of handcraft and machine work!

Luxury tailored suit hire

If you want a high-quality and elegant suit made by a master tailor but aren’t ready to purchase one of your own, we offer luxury tailored suit hire. Our suit hire involves several fitting sessions to ensure a seamless fit on your wedding day. You’ll also get invaluable advice from our master tailor to help style your luxury suit. 

Whether you want a bespoke, made to measure, or luxury hire wedding suit, get in touch with our team to request an appointment.