A scarf is a versatile accessory that pairs perfectly with your formal outfit during the colder months of the year. Scarfs come in a wide range of styles, colours, and materials, and they can be a simple and functional addition to your wardrobe. 

However, only a few men know how to choose the right scarf to pair with their suit or how to wear one in a flattering way. The expert tailors at Phillip Alexander have everything you need to know. 


Choosing the right scarf for your suit

Wearing a scarf is a great way to add colour and interest to your formal outfit. Plus, the beauty of a scarf is that you don’t have to keep it on all day – you can take it off during dinner or important meetings. 


Choosing your scarf length

Generally, you’ll want to choose a scarf approximately 60-75 inches long. This will give you enough length to style it correctly, but you won’t have too much material to work with. A thinner scarf will look best and will be easier to drape over your suit elegantly. 


Choosing your scarf fabric 

You should choose a natural fibre, such as a cotton, wool, cashmere or silk scarf, but you should avoid chunky knitted scarves or ones made from polyester. 

Cotton scarves are inexpensive and comfortable, making them an excellent choice.  However, if you can invest in a quality wool scarf, this should be the preferred option. Woof scarves are typically thicker and warmer, so they’ll offer you better protection from cold temperatures. 


Choosing the right scarf colour

Many men opt for darker-coloured suits, like brown, grey, or navy, during winter. A scarf is a great way to add a pop of colour and help break up your suit outfit. 

However, you’ll need to make sure you choose an appropriate colour. The colour should flow cohesively with your suit jacket, trousers and any other accessories you’re wearing. Your scarf doesn’t need to be the same colour as your suit, but this can often be the simplest option. Here are some other colour combinations for you to consider:

  • A dark grey suit with a light grey scarf.
  • A grey or navy suit with a brown scarf. 
  • A brown suit with a tweed scarf.
  • A navy suit with a red scarf.


How to wear a scarf with a suit

Once you’ve chosen the perfect scarf, it’s time to accessorise your outfit. Here are three ways you can wear your scarf with your suit. 

1. The slip knot

This scarf knot is the most traditional way to wear a scarf with a suit. It’s easy to put on and take off, and your scarf will be tied securely. You won’t have to worry about it coming loose or needing to be adjusted throughout the day. 

Follow these steps to wear your scarf using a slip-knot

  1. Fold your scarf in half to create a loop at one end.
  2. Drape your folded scarf around your neck.
  3. Grab the non-looped end and pull it through the looped end.
  4. Adjust the knot until it sits comfortably without being too tight. 


2. The wrap-around

This is the best option if you’re looking for a simple way to style your scarf, especially if you’ll be taking it on and off throughout the day. Just make sure you tuck the end of your scarf into your suit jacket or coat to protect you from the elements better. 

Here’s how you can wear your scarf using the wrap-around technique:

  1. Drape your scarf around your shoulders, ensuring one side is shorter than the other.
  2. Loop the longer end of the scarf around your neck once or twice, depending on the length of your scarf.
  3. Tuck in the ends to ensure a cohesive look.


3. The tuck-in

This is a great way to wear your scarf with a suit without spoiling the sharp outline of your jacket. By crossing the ends over and tucking them in, you can keep your scarf close to your body, ensuring you look distinguished but still stay warm. 

Follow these steps for the tuck-in method

  1. Drape your scarf around your shoulders.
  2. Ensure the scarf ends are equal lengths.
  3. Cross one end over the other.
  4. Tuck in the scarf ends.


How Phillip Alexander can help

A scarf is a great addition to your formal outfit, but it won’t have the right impact unless it’s paired with a high-quality, perfectly fitting tailored suit. 

At Philip Alexander Bespoke Tailors, we are experts at dressing gentlemen for formal events. We’ve been creating bespoke suits and shirts since 1876. 

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Bespoke formal suits

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Made-to-measure formal suits

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