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If you’re looking for bespoke wedding suits in Cheshire, then Phillip Alexander is a perfect choice. We have been crafting tailored wedding suits for men in Cheshire and London for over 140 years. 

Our bespoke tailoring service is an unparalleled experience every man should experience at least once. All our bespoke suits are fully customisable – you can work with our master tailors to design a suit completely unique to you and your tastes. 

We make all our bespoke tailored wedding suits using the finest fabrics and expert craftsmanship. Each garment involves several fittings to ensure a perfect fit.

Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Black Tie Tuxedo Formal Wear Bespoke Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire

Bespoke Tailors

When you choose our bespoke tailoring service, our master tailors are on hand to offer their invaluable advice and guidance. Their expert knowledge makes it easy to design a suit with the exact look you desire. 

With over a hundred years of experience, Phillip Alexander offers men the gold standard in British tailoring. We craft a wide range of bespoke wedding suits, from tailcoats to tuxedos – you can trust that every one of our suits is a unique, hand-cut garment.

Your suit will be cut in your preferred style, and you can choose from our wide range of fabrics to design a suit that suits you perfectly. It will be exquisitely tailored to your exact measurements. Each bespoke wedding suit is hand-cut by an experienced cutter and hand-sewn by our master tailors and trouser makers.

Bespoke wedding suits take 3-5 months from initial appointment to final fitting. We recommend starting your bespoke suit journey as early as possible to ensure your suit is ready in adequate time for your wedding. 

A Time-Tested, Flawless Process

Phillip Alexander Tailors’ bespoke process begins with your initial consultation, where our expert tailors take comprehensive measurements. From these measurements, a paper pattern of your wedding suit is drafted. This is completely unique to you – it’s based on your exact measurements and requested shape, style and design. 

The paper pattern is used to mark out each element of your suit on your chosen fabric and then carefully cut by hand. The cloth is then assembled by hand into a ‘baste’. The suit is loosely sewn together with canvas inner linings and shoulder trimmings. This forms the foundation of your bespoke wedding suit and is ready for your first fitting.  

The first fitting involves trying on the ‘baste’ suit. Our master tailors will then make any necessary alterations.

The ‘baste’ will be taken apart and re-cut to accommodate the adjustments. It’s then assembled and hand-sewn together by our skilled coat and trouser makers. Once your bespoke suit is finished, it’s presented for the final fitting.

If you need a beautiful luxury wedding suit for an upcoming wedding, you might be in our made-to-measure process. These suits are ready around 2 months from the initial appointment to delivery.

Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Groomsmen in Black Wedding Suits Outside Church
Groomsmen in tailcoats

Suits For All Occasions

Our world-class tailoring team have experience crafting a wide range of beautifully tailored suits, including black tie, white tails, morning suits, or tuxedos. If you’re unsure of formalwear etiquette, our tailors will happily advise you on the most suitable suit for a specific occasion. 

You can rely on Phillip Alexander to help you look your best at your wedding or special occasion. Feel free to have a read of our guides on the benefits of tailored suits and the rules of black tie.

Tailored Wedding Suits

Your wedding day is one of the most important occasions in your life, and you should dress accordingly. A bespoke wedding suit ensures you look stunning on your special day and feel as confident as possible. 

We are experts in suiting grooms and their groomsmen for weddings. To help prepare for the big day, we have complete guidance on morning wedding suits, wedding tuxedos, and summer wedding suits.

Demand for bespoke tailored wedding suits is incredibly high. We recommend that you consult us as early as possible so we can guarantee that your suit is ready for your wedding day.

We also offer tailored wedding suit hire. This is the perfect solution if you want to look stunning on your wedding day but aren’t ready to invest in a bespoke suit of your own. All our hire suits involve several fittings to ensure a perfect fit on the special day.

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