Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire


A bespoke suit is one of the most luxurious purchases you can make.

We use our experience and expertise, to create unique and beautiful garments, which ensures a discreet elegant look; whatever your style preferences, or whatever occasion the garment is for.

Bespoke is an old fashioned term from the word bespeak or spoken for referring to rolls of cloth ordered by customers waiting to be made into garments; by which time, the customers style detailed had been agreed; measurements taken and the customers shape (configurations) carefully noted.

Over time, not just the cloth, but the process and the resulting garment of that process, has become known as Bespoke.

It’s an individually hand cut garment, from a cloth of the customer’s choosing, cut to the customer’s required style, measurements and specific shape, by an experienced cutter or tailor and sewn by a master tailor and trouser-maker.

Our services are explained in a little more detail below.

Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire



One of a kind, hand cut and shaped around your body to enhance your presence and gravitas. A bespoke garment will project elegance and authority, whatever your size and shape.


We Listen

We can take your instructions and make a garment accordingly.

But, it may be useful for us to make some suggestions and give some guidance, in which case we want know what you like in a garment.

 More importantly, we want to know, what you dont like.


We Consult

There are many thousands of fabric samples, endless style options and a whole variety of adorning details that can be incorporated into a garment, making it uniquely yours.

With this vast array of possibilities, youll find our guidance useful; helping you navigate through the options and guiding you towards your ideal garment. And away from some styles and colors, which may not help the quest for elegance.

During this process, we agree the cloth, lining and style details. We make suggestions; you make the decisions.

We take precise measurements, taking notes of your shape as well as your size, for a perfect fit. But its a lengthy process, it can take up to three months to complete from start to finish.

We Create

From this information a paper pattern is drafted, of your garment. This will be your unique pattern. This pattern will be uniquely your size, your shape, your style and design.

The pattern is used to carefully mark around every component of the pattern on the fabric; the fabric is then carefully cut by hand.

The cloth is assembled by hand into a baste. The cloth is loosely sewn together with the canvass inner linings and shoulder trimmings, creating the foundation of the suit, ready for your first fitting.

The fitting involves trying on the baste and making any adjustments that may be needed. The garment is then returned to the workshop, taken apart completely, than re-cut to accommodate the changes.

The garment is assembled and hand sewn together by the skilled coat makers and trouser makers, to produce the finished garment. It is than finally presented to you, the customer, for a final fitting.


🕒 LEAD TIME: 3-5 Months from Initial Appointment to Delivery


 💳 PRICES: Start from £3,750+ VAT


Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire
Bespoke Tailored Suit Savile Row Tailor, London and Cheshire



The right fabric, the right cut and individually tailored to your exact size and shape; and incorporating those individual little features makes it a distinct pleasure to wear.

Choose from a vast range of fabrics, after which we’ll take your precise measurements, carefully noting your  shape as well as your size, for a perfect fit.

The fabric is cut by hand, using hand drafted patters and expertly sewn together. Every detail you like in a shirt will be tailored in and every detail you don’t will be tailored around.

We’ll suggest a series of styles and fabrics, best suited for your shape and colouring, from which you can choose a shirt to delight you.

The price of our bespoke shirts start at £220 plus vat and we initially need an order for three shirts, after which, individual orders can be taken.


🕒 LEAD TIME: 1 Months from Initial Appointment to Delivery

💳 PRICES: Start from £220+ VAT each

Bespoke Tailored Suits | Wilmslow, Cheshire & Savile Row, London

Nothing looks as good as a suit crafted around you, a bespoke tailored suit created by Phillip Alexander Tailors is tailored to suit you and only you. Trust Phillip Alexander to deliver your bespoke tailored suit, and you’ll benefit from four generations of tailoring experience. From Phillip Alexander you’re guaranteed:

Always a perfect fit made to measure and styled to suit you | Expert craftsmanship & premium quality fabrics | A fine garnet that will last for years to come with the personal touch of Phillip Alexander tailors

“When I’m working my emphasis is on creating something of beauty. Beauty that is meaningful and 
relevant to the way a man dresses. I look at the ratio of shoulders to hips and shoulders to waist, 
these details are crucial. Making something entirely from scratch that works with your body,
one of a kind, cut by hand, sown by hand, from a blank canvas.

That is when you can really put something truly special together.”

Alexander Homoky, Tailor, Phillip Alexander

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