White Tie

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White Tie

The most formal evening attire for a gentleman; Full Evening Dress. Also known as Evening Tails.

The tailcoat must be black and cannot be buttoned up. White Tie should always be worn with a white waistcoat, made from cotton pique, white dress shirt with a wing collar and bib; and matching white bow tie.

The matching trousers have double silk braids on the outside seams and are never worn with turn-ups. The trousers have to have a high waistband to ensure that the waistcoat covers them, so they are supported by braces.

White tie is traditionally worn to balls, the opera, the ballet and state banquets. If you are lucky enough to be invited to an event which requires you to wear white tie, make sure you get it right. No doubt it will be an exclusive occasion; you’ll want to feel confident in your attire, rather than out of place.

It also makes the most wonderful Wedding Suit, for an evening wedding; exceptionally elegant and glamorous.

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John Homoky, Tailor, Phillip Alexander

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