It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to the horse racing season and what to wear for those occasions when you will probably paying more attention to what you are wearing than normal. Here are tips on what to wear and how to wear it at the races.

Tweed suits 

You may come across a lot of tweed at the races. This very traditional style is often associated with older men but these days and in particular styles it can look great no matter how old you are. You can wear tweed in all sorts of combinations but beware of colours and any patterns that might clash. A grey tweed jacket with a crisp white shirt always looks great.

Patterned Suits

If you are a bit of an extrovert, then a patterned suit can work well as long as you combine it with the right colours. The pattern needs to take centre stage rather than have the wrong colour or clashing patterns making what you are wearing look over done.

Plain suits 

If you don’t want to stand out, then a plain suit is probably the best choice. Just because the suit is plain, it doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the look with a well-chosen shirt and tie. You can also opt for all sorts of colours in a variety of materials depending on the time of year.  For a real special occasion you could even opt for a 3 piece suit.