If you have been invited to attend a wedding this summer you will no doubt be busy shopping around for a suit and accessories. These late summer wedding style tips will help you choose the right attire for the occasion.

One of the first things to consider when choosing your wedding suit is the colour theme. If you are attending the wedding with a female partner then it is wise to ensure that what you wear complements what they are wearing to avoid a clash of styles and colour. It is also worth considering what the rest of the guests will be wearing so that you don’t stand out too much!

As you are likely to attending the wedding for a full day, consider choosing a suit that is practical and if the weather is hot, linen will help keep you cool. It’s a good idea in the UK to keep your options open on layers. The British summer can still throw a few surprises, so opting for a waistcoat to keep you warm in cool conditions is wise and it also allows you to remove your jacket if the weather is hot.

Lastly don’t be afraid to accessorize. A wedding isn’t a business meeting so make sure you choose a smart pair of cufflinks and other quality accessories such as a silk tie and pocket square to complement the colour theme of the occasion. And don’t forget your button pin!