Trousers are the unsung heroes of the suit, get the fit right and you will look and feel great. They act as an anchor for the suit as a whole and while it is easy to assume that eyes are more likely to be drawn to jackets, shirts and ties, experimenting with different trousers can dramatically alter the look of a suit for better or for worse.

With this in mind here are some general rules to follow when choosing trousers whether it’s for work, weddings or other special occasions.

What length should trousers be? 

Getting the length right is critical. To get this right take off your shoes and see where the back of the trouser falls. If the leg drops to the ground without creasing up at the bottom then the fit is right.

How should they sit?

While the fashion is to wear jeans lower on the waist, this shouldn’t be the case with formal wear trousers. Trousers should sit at the top of your hip bones.

How wide should my trouser be? 

Fashions come and go, but at the time of writing flares have yet to come back in fashion and everyone seems to be opting for skinny or super skinny trousers. The latter can be uncomfortable unless you have a body that is super slim, so as a general rule the fit should be comfortable with formal trousers particularly on the seat of the thigh and taper down to the shoe.