If you’re thinking of investing in a dress shirt then you will no doubt be considering the colour and pattern before anything. How that shirt fits, however, is equally important and there is more than one way to get it wrong when choosing a shirt for a special occasion.

A shirt that is a good fit can really transform your appearance because it is guaranteed to look good and accentuate your good points rather than draw attention to the bad. You will notice that all the best dressed men know first and foremost how to judge a good fit, or at least their tailor does and this is one of the big advantages of purchasing from a good tailors. Your shirt will be made to measure rather than you having to make compromises here and there when buying off the shelf.

The latter is fine if you have the body of a muscular mannequin but the majority of men don’t have the body of a Greek god, which makes choosing a shirt that fits perfect off the peg an impossible task for most of us.

Above all dress shirts should be close fitting and no this isn’t going to make you look overweight. The effect is in fact the opposite, it can actually make you appear slimmer to have a close-fitting shirt.

Dress shirts that balloon out at the waist when tucked in are a big no no as are shirts that don’t give you room to move your arms and upper body. So there is a balance to be struck between closeness to the body and being too tight which won’t look good either.

When it comes to the cuffs you don’t want them to fall short of where your wrist and hand meet and collars should extend half an inch above the collar of your blazer or suit jacket.

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