February is often the time when thoughts begin to turn to spring and what to wear when you can finally cast off that overcoat. Here is our guide to choosing a new suit for work that will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Buy a made to measure suit 

Of course we are going to be biased when it comes to a choice between made to measure and off-the-peg but there really is no contect between the two if you want quality that is built to last. How often have you bought on the high street only to find your suit wouldn’t last more than a few months?

  1. Go for classic cuts 

Fashions come and go and contemporary styles can sometimes take a while to become accepted in conservative corporate environments so it will be easier to have a suit that suits most occasions.

  1. Stick to classic colours 

Have you ever seen someone turn up for work or an important business meeting in a pink suit? Neither have I, so if you want people to take you seriously opt for navy, charcoal or grey