Buttons are usually one of those things we take for granted when wearing a suit but they do serve a crucial purpose in adding shape and smartness. Get your buttons wrong however and they may end up looking a bit too visible.

Have you ever turned up to an event and seen someone wearing a suit that just doesn’t seem to look right?

The chances are it is down to the way buttons are fastened. To prevent you making the same mistakes with your buttons here are some of the basic rules everyone who knows anything about dressing smart should know.

Jackets with one button 

This one is easy, you simply wear it buttoned while you are standing and undone when you sit down at your meeting or perhaps a meal. One button jackets don’t look at all good if you leave them fastened while sitting down.

Jackets with two buttons 

The only button you should fasten is the top one. If you try to fasten both, the jacket goes out of shape with unsightly bulges.

Jackets with three buttons 

If your jacket has three buttons and you want it to look right, only fasten the middle button and don’t under any circumstances fasten the third button.

Double breasted jackets 

If you like sitting down with your jacket buttons fastened then the double breasted jacket is for you. It’s the only one of this group where you can leave it fastened and not raise eyebrows.