A well-fitted suit can do wonders for your appearance as long as you get everything to fit right which is no easy task when buying off the peg. Here are some of our top tips on how to avoid common formal clothing mistakes.  


A jacket should be fitted to make the most of your body shape. This means it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose around your middle and around your shoulders. When wearing your jacket, the bottom button should always be left undone. As the jacket is the bit that goes on last it will be the most visible part of your outfit, getting it wrong can spoil your whole look.   


A common mistake with shirts is to think that there needs to be lots of space between it and the body. Yet an oversized shirt won’t do anybody any favours if it is bulging in all the wrong places. A shirt should fit comfortably around the contours of your body.  


Trousers are not jeans, the bottoms should skim the top of your shoes rather than be left to gather at the bottom. As with shirts, trousers should also fit around your legs and rear without bulges.