Choice of tie can make or break your appearance which makes it a mystery why some people give so  little thought towards choosing the right size, colour and pattern.

One thing we can say is you can’t go wrong if you follow these tips.

  1. A tie should suit the occasion

If it’s a formal occasion then colour choices should be subtle and usually black for a funeral. Novelty ties are a big no no for most occasions unless you are going to a kids party or it happens to be Christmas day.

  1. Make sure your tie goes well with your collar 

Did you know the wides part of your lapel should match the widest part of your tie? Collar size should always complement rather than compete with the width of your tie.

  1. Choose a colour that complements your suit 

There is no need to be too neutral and boring in your choice of tie. It’s fine to introduce a bit of pattern and colour as long as these are chosen carefully to enhance rather than compete with the colour of your suit. Too much colour or a strong pattern can be overpowering.