Buying a new suit is not something people do often. This leaves plenty of opportunities for mistakes to creep in and spoil your whole look, which isn’t what you want when you have spent a lot of money to look good.  

With this in mind here are the 3 most common new suit fails and advice on how to put them right before anyone notices.  

Removing pocket stiches  

Jacket pockets are often stitched closed on new suits which can be confusing for some unwary purchasers. Do you remove the stitching or leave as is? The purpose of the stitching is to preserve the shape of the jacket around the pockets. It is usually better to leave the stiches in so that you don’t end up using pockets for keys and so on, which can ruin a jacket.  

Not removing vent threads 

It is quite common to see people leaving their vents stitched together. These should be removed in most cases because they are only there to stop the back panel of the jacket getting creased. IT should be quite easy to cut the stitching and remove.  

Leaving branding on the Sleeve  

A formal suit is not a track suit so you shouldn’t have branding on display even if it looks expensive. Labels are often left on sleeves but they are not meant to be there permanently. One tip is to get the shop owner to remove the label for you just to make sure the suit doesn’t get damaged.