When most people are due to attend a formal occasion, they simply look in the wardrobe to find the trousers they might have worn to a previous event or head off to the high street to find a new pair. Yet this often leads to some of the following formal trouser mistakes.   

Thinking an old pair of trousers will still fit if you can only squeeze into them   

If you do have a good quality pair of formal trousers in your wardrobe that fit you well, then you don’t have a problem, but quite often you will find that your waist size can vary. You may have put on weight since the last time you wore them or 12 months of regular workouts in the gym have seen your waist size reduce significantly.  

Expecting a high street store to stock trousers to your exact measurements  

When it comes to the high street, most trousers you will find are not designed to fit around the unique contours of your body, which can be a problem if you are anything other than Mr Average. How many times do you try on a pair of trousers only to find they are slightly too long or a little too short and then buy them anyway?  

Not considering the finer details 

Unless you have a particular interest in tailoring you probably won’t notice the finer details such as leg length, the seat and the right width for a trouser leg. So why guess when you can simply use the services of an expert to ensure you can attend that event looking your best?